For Su Yuhong,It’s not bad.。

Pick up the phone,And the phone,A man’s voice。
“You finally,Willing to pick up my phone??”
With this man’s voice,What’s even for Su Yuhong?,I feel very interesting。
“I still don’t pick up your phone.,All my mood is good or bad。”
“Say,Call me,what’s the matter?”
This,With Su Yuhong’s words,It is even the man who makes the phone.,The more I want it, the more I feel very good.。
But here,The man in the phone continued to say。
“Red,You also tossed for so many years.,so now,You can’t toss it again.。”
“Now,Still,Go back with me。”
As the man inside the phone is talking about here,obviously,Su Yuhong’s heart,It is very resistant to this matter.。
So for the current,Su Yuhong’s attitude is very firm。
“impossible,You think too much。”
“I am very good now.,So how,I don’t need you to worry about it.。”
With Su Yuhong’s words,For the person on the phone,,He is helpless.。
“you say,Why are you??”
“Although your War Temple is good for this time,But for me,It is still not enough。”
Inside the phone,That man’s words,Former,It’s even more like a head bar.,Let the call from Su Yuhong,The whole person is smoking。
I didn’t think she didn’t think,Over the phone,Will suddenly appear like this。
So here,Su Yuhong is even more manifested.。
“Humph,you dare!”
Su Yuhong still planning to continue to say this。
But the phone,It’s silent。
Telephone,Has been hanging directly。
“Damn,He should not really,What do you do with the God of War??”
Su Yuhong at this time,I think here in my heart.,More touch。
At this moment,For Su Ling,This is nothing to do.。
“Ha ha,This look,My good sister,Will there be too much problem?。”
“As for telling me back,It is a ten-nine stable thing.。”
With the words of Su Ling,More people around you,Think of thumbs up。
“It is a young master,Actually even such a plan,Can think of。”
“Yes,Who said is not?,This look,Now in the case,everything,Already completely in your hometown。”
“That’s right,Is this still used?,In fact, I am thinking about thinking.,Probably I can understand some。”
This,The more like this,Surroundings,I don’t forget to say it here.。
With those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。
The more like this,In fact, it is here.,It is even more Su Ling at this time.,The more I want to feel interesting.。
“Now,Opportunities have been placed here,As for me,Of course, I will not miss this thing.。”