Sitting on the bed,Double-hand ten fingers to pull out a weird posture,And after deep breathing,Resize distress,Let your heart enter the air condition。

Running breathing,The mysterious power in the body is now flowing。
In fact,At this moment, his strength,Neither the internal gas after heights,Nor a black mysterious energy,Is a fogmun airflow。
But if the summer is willing,You can instantly convert them into one of them.。
For this mystery,Summer is temporarily called Yuanqi。
Because……This kind of breath can communicate with the outside world.。
So much,Although he closed his eyes,But the surrounding scenery can feel clearly in the heart。
not only that,If a look,Some fog can’t describe fog,Through the window slowly flowing through the summer。
He is like a strain stone,Into these mist all into the body,His whole people also revealed an empty temperament。
Mental strength,He feels that his soul seems to be separated from the body.,It has a thoughtful virtual meaning,Strolling around around。 Four-week, all scenery,Like it is in front of you,Clear feedback into the brain。
This feeling is very wonderful,I can’t help but immerse。
But very quickly,His brow is slightly jumped.,Slowly open your eyes,The look of my face is helpless,And a few weird。
Just at this time,Slightly knock on the door。
“Do not lock the door。Come in。”
The door is gently opened,The moon walked in a sleeping skirt。
“It’s still not resting so late.?”
Look at her appearance,Summer mouth hook one wipe,Not challenging,Just in the heart, you can’t help but sigh.,Even if he herself, I don’t know what emotions.。
“Um,I can not sleep。”
The moon does not move the look,I quickly asked,“Brother,The beautiful woman named Victoria,It is also yours……”
“she?”Summer smiled and shakes his head,“She is too old.,I don’t like old women.。”
“old woman?”
The moon does not help but,I want to open to continue inquiry,But I saw a pair of eyes in the summer and unscrupulous.,Can’t help but panic。
“Correct,She is an old woman。”
Say,Summer mouth is smirk,come over,“bring it on。”
“Do you say?。”
The bad laugh in the summer is getting more and more obvious.,A pair you know,And getting closer。
The moon panic is panicked.,The face is full of red clouds,Facebrush,Heart is like a deer,A pair of big eyes,Part of your hands under the chest。
“what?You blush。”
This sentence,The moon originally red face is more delicate,Even breathing becomes heavy。
Tight a pet,Summer is already grapping her little waist。
After a moment,The sound of the review rate is the sound rate in the room.,Juni’s atmosphere rendering。
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Early morning,The moon wakes up。
Her eyes are slightly,A few times,Quickly awake。