NS3107chapter He is summer

At the beginning of the world of awake dreams,Summer is touching,But not obvious。
I only know that between vitality and end,Power gap is quite large。
after all,He almost hits,Crystal reached five crystals。
And the teenager named Wan Yuankai,Just Wu Shi’s realm,I also reached four crystals.。
and also,He used to use the strength of the first change,It can only kill the twenty-eight eye of the fifth hunting.。
Zhou Shan can easily kill which more powerful hundred。
All kinds of all species indicate,The http://www.ycfsjc.cn intra-energy ratio is more than a few times。
Now he tries to realize the power of the Yuanqi.。
This makes the summer eyes,Extraordinary。
only——He is like a meditation,It seems like aim,It is a surreal.。
A cave deficiency,A strong person,It is this simple,Being a mysterious youth who don’t know the identity,Hammer with a fist。
Such scene,Such result,Let people be shocked。
who is he!A similar idea has been born in the hearts of everyone.。
At this time,Dozens of people jumping on the high platform,Has been quickly rushed to the past,Someone is still coming behind。
More people get more, the more,Enclose the summer in a moment.。
These people are all incentive,It is a representative of all major forces,Today is jointly,Prepare‘Certainly’Certain rules。
However, have not started,Some people http://www.tai-cang.cn killed two caves under their eyelids.。
This makes them a gloomy,Murder。
“who are you!Why do you want to kill?!”
An old man wearing Xuanshui drunk。
Summer oblique him,Take a look。
Most people don’t know。
Can only look up through their dress to identify the forces of the other party。
Just like this old,Wearing a meta lotus robe,There is no doubt that the master from the lotus party。
Summer is amazing。
I heard it from Gokikou.,Seeing another emotion。
I really didn’t expect,The Huaxia’s ancient military community has also hidden so many cave masters.,It’s really unexpected。
There are still many foreign faces,One is not good,Obviously with special fluctuations,It is http://www.chaigz.cn derived from spiritual power……They are all powers,And reached the heaven。
Besides,There are still some obvious oriental holes that are different from the Chinese people.,From the island、Korea and other countries。
“young people,I am asking you.,Why don’t you answer?,Who are you!”