Girl is very impressive,I have no choice but to shake my head:“My mother is a very stubborn person,She will not allow,What to call my brother??”

It’s a main bone,Curious baby looks to him。
“If no one receives,Then I will raise it.,It’s too small.,Will die outside。”
“That’s too good.,elder brother,Can I visit it??Kittens is cute。”
“I will return to the big tale in a few days.,If you want it,Can write to me,I will send it to you.,Or you can call?”
“Where is Montan?,is it far?”
“Not far from,Two hours is coming.。”Silently add sentence:”Is the two hours of plane。”
See Anya, smiley,Han Xuan also laughed,Puzzle:“where is your family?It’s been very late.。”
“Ah!I forgot!Mom is still waiting for me at home.。”
“I will send you home.,Father?”
Han Father is strange,Squeeze your son:“Anya,Where is your home?Let my brother take you,We will send you home。”
“Thank you uncle,In Williamsburg。”
“Here is Williamsburg.,That street?”
“Well, I forgot my uncle.,Ah, my family is a painting.,My English name!”Anya claps,Excitement。
A big little father and son speechless,Han Father has only opened:“Let go,I’ll try and find it。”
Han Xu Saimo held Anya Skill,Two quite pure peers,Is not it。
Just out of the small alley,Han Father pointed to the big signature to the street opposite the street:“Dollow,Is it this one?”
Oil painting hall,A woman is looking for,She seems to be more than 30 years old,Waiting for the daughter, the little figure is loose.。
“Dollow!Where did you ran?!what,Thank you for sending her back.,gentlemen。”Western European style,See a few people say。
“It’s ok,Your daughter is very cute,She just saved this poor kitten。”
“I am really worried about her.,I know that public security is not too good.,So thank you again。”
“Han Qian Mountain,This is my son Han Xuan,Their age is really difficult to teach,I am also very distressed.,Right,Miss。”
“Please call me Seliia,gentlemen,Please come in and sit.,I give you a cup of coffee.,And this small sir,Can Coke??”
“Thank you aunt.。”
“Then trouble you.,Wash water,Do you have a painter??”Han father asked。
Secilia laughs:“Just what you created.,There is no excellent work。”
“You are so modest.,I just have to buy some paintings.,May I have a look?”Han Father will follow。
“certainly,gentlemen,Dollow,Take this handsome little friend to see your draft。”
Anya faces red,“Mother~I am still not very skilled.。”
“fine,Let me see it.,Anya?”Han Xuan followed her father to enter the door,Girl squeezing the eyes,He is very curious。
“OK then,elder brother,You can laugh at me.……”
Girl turned around to run,Sound。
Latch is not big,Only two。
Close the door,It seems to be a place for creation,And in front of the wall only hung six paintings。Four is a scenery,There is still a picture of characters,The corner is covered with a cloth.。