At this moment, the black cat has to suspend this enjoyment,A young man who is not tall in the picture,Walking around in front of the surveillance camera from time to time,Has been swaying for a long time,Not very eye-catching at first,But occasionally a clear frontal shot,Let the black cat be alert,This young man turned out to be masked。

He put down the wine glass,Continuously switch the monitoring of several different directions,After a lap, nothing was found abnormal。Finally, the black cat freezes the picture on the front lens,Watched for a long time, I didn’t understand what this person is doing,Is it a drunk?It’s not the same from the footsteps and looks,And why should I cover my face??
Or maybe someone is going to make trouble,Already caught two in the first half of the night,I won’t let people live in the middle of the night,Although the black cat gets angry,But dare not be careless。The boss explained that these two days are extraordinary times,Guard against Ahao,Can’t ignore Geng Laowu,There are so many things。
I see what you can do,The black cat suddenly calmed down,Reached out and picked up the red wine。But the eyes are fixed on the split screen on the main screen,Don’t miss any position and corner。mock up,Playing suspicious tricks in front of Lao Tzu,Too tender。
But the black cat only calmed down for half a minute,I couldn’t help but spit out a sip of wine from my mouth,And choking coughing。The young man in the picture finally stopped walking around like a zombie,He played a new trick,Hip-hop danced in front of the big glass at the main entrance,Late at night,It’s quite lively tossing alone,And good dancing skills,Neat action,Kind of like that。
Several people playing cards were attracted by the movement made by the black cat,Everyone laughed at the screen,“Is there something wrong with this man’s brain??”A stout young man with a gold chain on his neck couldn’t help but ask。
“There is a problem,Something is wrong with this person,Want to talk to the boss。”Suggest after another person laughs。
“and many more,Look at this idiot……Whoops,My grass……,Nima’s,Definitely a pervert!”The other person suddenly shouted,Because the man in the picture seems to have taken a break,Unbelievable pulling the pants,Started peeing on the side of the gate,A bubble of urine was poured on a very inconspicuous floor lamp。
This floor lamp is very weird,The lamp holder protrudes slightly from the ground,The lamp holder is tilted at an angle of sixty degrees,Actually a camouflaged probe,Specially shoot in and out of guests at an elevation angle,The whole process of the young man taking out the guy to pee is clearly photographed,The picture is so real that the urine seems to be poured on the viewer’s face。
“I fucking grass,Frustrated,Go out and clean up this lunatic。”
“I go,You have to break this bastard off。”
“I go too……“
“What are you calling??Tell a few brothers on duty to cheer up,I go to the boss。”The black cat suddenly screamed and stopped everyone’s chattering,He felt this person behaved strangely,Something wrong,So immediately get up and go out。
”and many more,Black cat,This http://www.dsyaolu.cnidiot is leaving。“A little brother shouted。
Black cat turned head,I saw the young man in the picture had already fastened his pants,Walk straight to the side of the small square,Not even looking back,It seems to be a night tour just now,Everything went back to normal after going crazy。