But shortly,It is a message that has been out of summer.。

After a few days,Once again, the news found in the summer。
After you know these news,Monica is excited,Worry。
Excited,Summer http://www.guang618.cn is really dead。
Worry,She wants to stop the jail,But can’t stop。
Subsequent development is just like the usual。
The big and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized and medium-sized power of the whole Western world are mobilized.。
This has formed a major potential!Already exceeded her control。
Now Land brings news,Once again, her heart is squatting.。
Everything is separated from control,Everything is separated from the original intention。
She wants to revenge for summer,Can eventually two people want to sword。
“why……Why do you like this?……”Monica face,A pair of beautiful eyes is complicated,“This is not what I want to see.……”“But this is a lot of people want to see.。”
Rand side has no expression,Sound calm tern,“Monica,If you change an idea,Maybe it will be better。”
Not equal Monica http://www.32912999.cn opens inquiry,Rand,“Negotiable events in any history,In fact, it has become a small matter to expand,Even without this event,Everything is returned to the source point,Summer is not dead,Or say,Summer killed the light,Or shaking and killing the summer,Holy War still broke out,Because for the sacredness,Are a chance。”
Toned,Time to think about Monica,Say,“Take another step,Summer is not dead with the light,Just like the current situation,in my opinion,Within 50 years,Holy War still broke out,This is something ~ later,You have to face。”
Monica is even more embarrassing。
“Forty years ago,Why is the west forces,Would rather die so many people,Also join us to kill Xia Jiuqu?
In fact, the reason is the same.,There is a rush that is enough.,No one is willing to see Xia Jiujing。”
He deeply spit out a sigh,“Now,I get a message,Not long ago, people sent people in the dark summer.,Want to join him to kill,Just like the murderous summer,Hehehe。
Unfortunately,Today’s summer,Not the rush of the year,He and his mother,Have an atmosphere……”Think of Xia Jiuwei,Rand lost god。
That year, a favorite girl,So is charming,It is difficult to forget today。
Rand at the time,It is also the successor of the next throne.。
Unfortunately, the world has changed。
Monica looked up,The whole person looks poor。
“I don’t understand women.,But I have seen many infatuated women,They have been emotional,Can give up everything,Betray everything,Just like a moth,Knowing that it is dead,I will also hit the blood.。”
Monica, Land,Gloss,“Maybe there is another choice,But you have to be prepared by the world.,I will even have a long year,And you will die because of your choice……Do you have this preparation??”
Monica’s heart,Don’t want to think。
But this thought is Rand that,It is difficult to contain。
……At 3:30 in the morning。
Summer driving came to Beijing。
After the high speed,He first gave Xia Xue to the phone in the first time.。
After a moment,Interrupt phone,Stepping,All the way gallop。
More than 20 minutes,He came to Xiangshan Yishu District, Haidian District。
Night color like water,At this time is the most dark and quiet time。
A stunned road lamp is standing within the villa community,A villa of different models is like a beast that is only a sleeping in the night.。
Bedroom in a house。