“That’s good!”

Shen Xuan smiled,“You both don’t do it.,A group wants to have this thing,Haven’t got there?,I am here,This thing is always your,No one will grab!”
What the hell?
Others come to grab?
Xue Qing and Wu Xiuxiu two people look at it,All is very helpless,This is only the Xuan Ge dare to say them.。
http://www.hrbfdmy.cn Exchange a person,I have been killed by them.。
“Ha ha ha ha,Xuan Ge is really confident.!”
“That’s right,Xuan Ge’s bait,The average person really has no chance to do!”
“Xuan brown,I will always support you!”
“This is a typical big straight man,You can’t say something good.?”
The live broadcast is different.,Everyone is also completely helpless to the style of Xuan Ge.,Neither persuade,Quiet look quietly,after all,It’s going to be dedicated soon.。
Twenty minutes,Go to the moment!
The pig brother has already convened fifteen game anchors.,All is the jade,High strength,Anyway, it is a bit of powerful,Otherwise, who lives live?
This matter,Only the pig brother can do it.,Exchange other people,I really don’t have this influence。
Pig brother’s vibration arm,Many anchors put down the live http://www.yupinsilk.cn broadcast of your hands.,I have ran over and team participation.!
Just join this top-level conference!
after all,So many anchor is crusade,Gang,Deeper,I want to know more people.。
Especially those game anchors just join live broadcast,Who doesn’t want to know pig brother??
Know other masters!
Sole,The enthusiasm is very high.。
“Pig brother,So many people bulge a rural life anchor,Is it a bit too much?!”
“Hahaha,That is certain.,The other party is amateur,We are bullying people!”
“Don’t make trouble,The opponent’s strength is very strong,You don’t want to be bad,The other party is a super mastener approved by the Blue Cave!”
“What happened,We so many masters,Certainly no problem,A Xuan Ge in the district,Not here!”
Although there are some people who have cross your hands,I know that Xuan brother’s power is,But no matter how they want to persuade,Most people don’t believe,A person who can fight with so many people!
after all,They are more popular!
And each other,only one person!
http://www.wfshicheng.cn From the perspective,It is a confrontation that is impossible to lose.。
“this time,Our fifteen people all jump with a place,Not allow private,Unified team,have you understood?”
Pig brother as organizer,Rapida will start to arrange it.。
“no problem,Listening to pig brother!”
“Fifteen people,Kill together!”
“Will you scare the name of Xuan Ge??”
“Hahaha,I have heard that I feel that the blood is boiling.!”
“This is probably the biggest event in the game circle.!”