Toned,He also,“If only the price of Jade itself,in my opinion,It should float between 45 million to 50 million。”

Sound of a tap of cold air。
Zheng Jiajun walked over,Dry cough,Flooding a trace of different tone,“How do you see this price??Fifty million,Still satisfied??”
“no problem。”Summer nice head,“This emerald belongs to you.。”
“Thanks,Ha ha,Hahaha。”Zheng Jiajun can’t help but laugh.,“Walk away,Let’s go to transfer now。”
Summer is of course no opinion,Creditter。
“Brother,I still don’t know your surname.。”
“My name is summer。”
“It turned out to be summer。”Zheng Jiajun reached out,Grateful,“let’s make friends,What happened in Gilongong in the future,You can always find me any time.。”
“I still need to help you.。”
Summer eyes have passed the direction of Li Xiaofei,Say,“That is my sister,If you have time,Help me take care of it,Don’t be clear。remember,Don’t be too obvious。”
“it is good,no problem。”Zheng Jiajun shoots chest guarantee。
“That’s more thanks.。”Looking at him in summer,“I don’t want money.,I know with your father.,You go back and say,He knows me.。”
Zheng Jiajun。
Summer smile laughing,I can’t see it on my face is anger.,Double eyes,Very unpredictable。
I nodded for each other.,Li Xiaolou that turned to go to over there.。
Looking at his back,Zheng Jia Junbei,Finally biting his teeth,Tap the phone from your pocket,Dial a number。
“Jiajun,What’s up?”The phone is full of heights,Hearing the voice seems to be a good mood。
Even,Zheng Jiajun is not from standing straight,Respectful,“I am now the Morroba gambling stone field,Encounter a person,He is called summer,Say you know you……”
The phone is coming。
It is clear,This is the voice of the mobile phone.,But followed by the sound,“You listen to it.,Summer?Is it a highly thin young man?……” It seems too shocked,Leading to Zheng Zhe’s voice in the phone,Flooding has been unable to describe complexity。
“Correct,Is what you describe。”
Zheng Jiajun eyelid jump,Hurry。
The phone has been silent。
for a long time。
Zheng Zhei considers a voice,Careless wing,“Home,You didn’t have conflicts with him.?Do you have any guilty?,Have you angered him?,if so,Immediately go……”
Zheng Jiajun’s mouth,The heart has set off a stormy waves.,Hurry,“How can I get a sin?,Is such that……”
I can’t stop curious.,“grandfather,Who is he??”
Zheng Zhe did not answer immediately,After a long time, I really sighed.,“It is a person who is gone.,Don’t say we are Zheng Jia,Just Malaya,No one dares to provoke him。”