“Xu?Why are you here?”

Kobe rubbed his eyes and asked。
This kid is crazy,Why don’t you knock on my door in the middle of the night??
Kobe rubbed his eyes, the Lakers stopped,The figure shifted quietly,Blocking Xu Xuan’s sight.
Why am i here?
Isn’t it yours?”
Xu Xuan was also stunned。
Didn’t you say that you asked me for something this morning??
“I’m looking for you in the morning?”Kobe scratched his head,It took me a long time to react:“Yes yes,I want to tell you,Went to train with me this morning.”
Kobe thought for a long time before remembering。
He also slept late yesterday,Take Xu Xuan to dinner after the game,After eating, I played games for a while,Sleep late,This was awakened again in the middle of the night,There is still a paste in my mind。
“What the hell?
Go training with me in the morning?”
Kobe finished,Xu Xuan was also stunned。
feeling.He was“Passionate”Up?