Remove eye bags and have a recipe for food


Remove eye bags and have a recipe for food

Just like any other beauty program, removing eye bags should also be combined with diet for internal adjustment work.

Only multiple combinations can effectively prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes.

So how do you improve the problem of eye bags through the diet on the table?

銆€銆€Eye bags are mainly divided into two types of so-called eye bags, in addition to congenital and pathological factors, mainly divided into lower eyelid tissue accumulation and lower eyelid edema.

銆€銆€Tissue relaxation type tissue relaxation type, that is, lower eyelid skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and spider mites are loose, and lower eyelids are slightly accumulated, forming a bag shape called an eye bag.

This is one of the specific manifestations of the human body’s older age. It is common among middle-aged and elderly people after the age of 45, and may begin to appear at the age of 30.

銆€銆€The lower eyelid edema under the eyelid edema is due to the thin skin of the eye, which is prone to edema. It is an important factor, resulting in improper diet, poor kidney, lack of sleep or fatigue can cause eye bags.

This situation is common among young people after the age of 20, especially at the age of 25, and it will become more apparent through age.

銆€銆€Can not be ignored the edema on the attachment, many people will violate.

In fact, the lower eyelid edema is accumulated over a long period of time. It is the hotbed that causes the aging of the eye muscles and the slight accumulation of the lower eyelids. If it is not well taken care of, it will pay the price of premature development into a loose eye bag.

Fortunately, as long as you have the heart, it is easy to prevent eye bags and delay the arrival of it.

So, how should we eat to stay away from the bags under the eyes?

銆€銆€Eliminate eye bags, pay attention to one, pay attention to compensation balance.

More intake of gums and proteins, providing essential nutrients for the regeneration of tissue cells, and replenishing the energy necessary for skin to maintain vitality.

Such as meat, fish, eggs.

Do not blindly diet to lose weight, resulting in malnutrition or sudden weight loss, greatly affecting skin elasticity.

銆€銆€Second, eat more to help protect the eyes, supplement vitamin A and B foods, carrots, potatoes, soy products and animal liver.

There is also an apple red jujube fresh fish soup that can nourish blood and nourish blood and promote blood circulation. It is a classic therapeutic soup that is highly respected against dark circles and bags under the eyes.

銆€銆€Third, to maintain the body’s normal metabolism, do not ignore the food that is beneficial to the body to drain water, eliminate edema, such as red beans, melon, coix seed and so on.

銆€銆€According to the above dietary principles, today we will introduce a winter melon ribs soup.

This soup can completely supplement nutrition, eliminate edema, and also whitening and moisturizing, cooling off the heat, is a soup that is very suitable for summer.

銆€銆€Ingredients: melon, coix seed, small ribs practice: melon peeled and cut.

Wash the small ribs and cut them well. First, fly the water to the blood and floating foam, then slowly simmer with the melon cubes and coix seed, and simmer the heat and season.

銆€銆€Westerners like to use chamomile water, fine black tea, papaya mint tea, etc., using internal and external application to soothe the bags under the eyes, these have very good results.

The simplest papaya mint tea, refer to papaya tea, and change the tea bag to mint.

銆€銆€Tips for preventing and improving eye bags In addition, don’t eat too salty and plenty of water before going to sleep, don’t use too low pillows; apply eye creams in the morning and evening, regularly use eye circulation to massage the eyes, such as anti-edema eyesGlue, Vitamin E, Arnica, etc., regularly use eye patches containing cucumber or fig extract.

These are the best ways to prevent and improve eye bags.