Insufficient vitality is easy to get sick, in addition to Zusanli, massage these 4 health points can also help you to make up your vitality.


Insufficient vitality is easy to get sick, in addition to Zusanli, massage these 4 health points can also help you to make up your vitality.

When the body’s immunity is reduced, people are more likely to contract some diseases.

When the weather conditions change, people with lower immunity tend to catch colds, and they need to spend a lot of time to recover completely after getting sick.

Nowadays, many people have a bad habit. After a long time, the immunity is easy to fall, they often get sick, their feelings are very distressed, and they will seek good ways to improve their immunity.

In fact, adding energy to yourself is a good way to improve immunity.

Vitality is very important for good health. When one is weak, the body’s immunity usually declines.

There are many acupuncture points in the human body, and proper massage has a good health effect.

If you want to replenish yourself and improve your immunity, you can also achieve your goal by massaging your acupuncture points.

Massage 5 health points, help you to add vitality, the foot Sanlizu Sanli this point, many people know that it is in the outer part of our calf, this point has a good health effect, it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, can also helpWe make up our strengths and improve our body’s immunity, which is good for our health.

Many people are not in good health and have poor immunity.

If you have such a situation, you can usually massage your Zusanli acupuncture points as much as possible to help them replenish their vitality and improve their ability to resist disease.

Second, the gods and acupoints may not be well understood by many people. This acupoint is in the center of our navel. This place is generally not acupuncture.

The health care function of Shenque Point is good. Proper massage can regulate the body and help us to replenish our vitality.

When you are in the massage of the gods, you can sit down and take your hands and feet.

When you massage, first place your left hand on your right hand, hold the navel with the palm of your right hand, then gently press the cymbal in a clockwise direction. When you press 鎻? concentrate the force on the navel, control the strength, do notToo hard, it should be almost 15 minutes per massage.

Third, the Guanyuan point Guanyuan point is also a good health point, it is our lower abdomen, in the lower position of the navel.

Usually massage this acupuncture point properly to replenish the qi and strengthen the body’s immunity, which can make the body stronger.

When massaging Guanyuan, first put your hands up and put them on the Guanyuan point, then push them up and down a little. During the process, pay attention to your strength. Don’t use too much force. Generally, you feel a little sore.

Fourth, the middle acupoint is in the upper part of our navel. Properly stimulating this acupuncture point is good for the stomach. It can help dispel the cold, help to stop vomiting, make the body more visceral, and improve immunity.Strength is good for your health.

Five, Yongquan Point Yongquan Point Most people are very familiar with this acupoint is better to find, is in our heart area.

The health effect of Yongquan Point is relatively strong. In life, many people like to strengthen themselves by massaging the Yongquan Point.

Appropriate massage of Yongquan Point can make people more energetic, more energetic, and have a positive effect on improving immunity.

A person’s strength is not enough, then his mental state is usually relatively wilting, and the body’s immunity is very poor.

When this happens, you should pay attention to timely conditioning, usually you can try to massage acupuncture points, improve your lifestyle, help yourself to replenish your vitality and make yourself full of energy.