andTLAfter coming to the blue side,First handbanGive Jess directly。

Jess this hero,existIGIt is natural to know more in your hand.,IGEternal middle swing。
These two heroes,Whether it isIGWhich person in the middle is getting,Almost all can win the existence of the line。
At this moment, I have entered the desperate situation.TL,Naturally, I don’t dare to put it back.。
after all,TLI don’t want to be in this position.,I haven’t started playing yet,Directly fall into the natural disadvantage。
IGnumber oneban,Give a gemstone directly。
Gem of this hero,IGBefore the top three,All in the first stagebanMan,I will directly put him.banLose。
There is no other reason.,This hero is this timeMSIinside,It’s too strong.。
at the same time,TLThe auxiliary is also particularly good at using this hero.。PlusTLThis team is in the previous game,Explaced。
SoIG,Naturally, there is no reason to release it。
then,Gem has become the second onebanHero of the pool。
TLSecondban,Feed RuzbanPool。
Ruz asIGIn this timeMSIinside,One of the most frequent times。He is also this timeMSIinside,IGOne of the biggest supports to now。
Powerful rocking,Plus the characteristics of sufficient combat capabilities in front and later,This also makes Rats becomeIGOne of the dreams of opponents。
This hero,As long as it is notIGCourt in blue square,And a grab preparation。
So basically,IGThe opponents will not put it out.。
This is the same,TLDirectlybanLost,Not giveIGAny opportunity that may come out。
IGSecondban,Give the emperor tobanPool。
The emperor in this version of the wild,One degree is a version of the existence of the wilder brother,The advantage is almost full,Disadvantages have almost no existence。
Such features,Let the emperor are almost no doubt,Just become this timeMSIThe most popular horn hero,No even one。
InIGIdeal tactics,ThisIGNot going to take out the emperor。at the same time,They don’t plan to put it it.TL,Let him play。
so,They are the simplest and rude handling methods.,Direct himbanLost。
TLThirdban,No hesitation,Dele’s avatar is blocked directly.。
This handbanPeople mean very well,NowhereIGofADC,So absolutely impossible one topic,Dele。
Dele this hero,Repeated in key than the game,Taken out by the palace,Then I play the performance of the rule to win the game.。
This allowsIGFans are more and more likely to Delle this hero.,Also let other teams and fans of other teams,Be more and more to this hero。
Moreover,This time, it is a key resumption.,IGAlmost every time you come to this key moment,Will pull out Dellai to end the game。
In this premise,TLCan you be afraid?,Can you choosebanDelle?
IGThird hand,Some unexpectedly,Directly sent Akari tobanPool。
This hero,In fact, it should be a lot of teams.,In the faceIGwhen,What should be madebanPerson choice。
But at this moment,BeIGDirectlybanPool。
certainly,This is notIGbanWhat is wrong?,just because ofTLThis team。