Guo’an transoceanic connection Biela, again injured is a false alarm

Guo’an transoceanic connection Biela, “again injured” is a false alarm
Spanish media reported a news today that made Beijing fans uneasy: Biella, who was loaned from Beijing Zhonghe Guoan to West Second Las Palmas, suffered another injury.Fortunately, the Guoan official responded tonight, saying that Vieira was only muscular and could soon participate in training and competitions.According to reports, the media revealed that Biella felt discomfort in the abduction of the thigh muscles during training on Wednesday, local time, and will undergo more examinations to determine the injury in the near future.The local media are not optimistic about Biella ‘s injury, and even think that the last round of the game with Zaragoza may be the last game on behalf of Las Palmas before Vieira returned to Guoan.According to the lease agreement between the National Security Club and Las Palmas, Biela ‘s rental period is until December 31, after which he will return to Beijing to participate in the winter training of the National Security Team.Whether the Spaniard can return healthily has become a concern for fans. The Guoan official published an article tonight. After receiving the news, the club has consulted Vieira for his physical condition for the first time.The Spaniard revealed that the injury he suffered was only due to muscular discomfort and he chose not to participate in this round of the West B game.This is also one of the terms stipulated in the contract between the two clubs: In order to protect the health of the players to the greatest extent, once Biela feels unwell, she has the right to take the initiative to truce.Judging from the current situation, Biella will soon return in the West B game.