Men’s 25-year-old unmarried mentality

Men’s 25-year-old unmarried mentality

For many men, the benefit of marriage is that there is always a place to belong to. The problem is that there can only be this place.

As a result, men are always dragging their feet and do not want to imprison themselves prematurely with marriage.

Either “flash marriage”, or dragged on not to marry, the man now seems to be against the woman.

  Mengmeng and her boyfriend just broke up not long ago, the reason is simple-the woman has reached the age to get married, and the man has not wanted to get married.

Can’t wait, just bloom hands.

“He said he didn’t dislike me, but if he was getting married now, he might as well have a knife holder around his neck.

I really don’t understand why men must be married at 30 and may want to play for a few more years and give themselves more choices.

With this, Mengmeng’s boyfriend Xiao Peng explained that he didn’t want to get married now because he didn’t make good psychological and material preparations.

“The two of us don’t have the conditions to get married, we don’t have a house or a car, we get married.

  Besides, I just graduated from graduate school, I always feel that I am still a child, how can I afford a family.

“At the same time, Xiao Peng admits that he and Mengmeng really need more break-in time.

  People who dare not marry have weak personality or “flash marriage”, or dragged not to marry. Now men look like they are deliberately opposed to women.

For the mentality of men who are not married before the age of 25, Song Yumei made the following analysis: First, some of them are more mature and more cautious about marriage.

“Rather than ‘flash marriage’ or ‘flash away’ people, they understand the meaning of marriage to a person better, so they don’t make hasty decisions.

“But at the same time, Song Yumei also said that these people usually show hesitant to do things in daily life, look forward to the future and look at their weaknesses.

“This kind of character is applied to emotions, and it is easy to lose true love.

“Second, for other people, the unwillingness to marry is because they want to keep trying and find a woman who really suits them.

As Xiao Peng said, “Finding a girlfriend can be easy, but you must be careful when looking for a wife.

“It was during this constant replacement process that they hurt too many women, and they often flirted with their eyes in the end, making it difficult to find their” true princess. ”

  Finally, men’s late marriage is a product of the times.

“In modern society, most people choose to live together before marriage, so marrying or not getting married is just a piece of paper.

“Song Yumei said that many people are unwilling to marry because they are afraid to take on their responsibilities after marriage. After all, marriage means that you have to bear the responsibilities of two families, and this is exactly what many men want to avoid, especially their only children.

  Women, don’t be emotional. In the face of age and marriage, men regain superiority.

So, as a woman, are you waiting patiently for the man who doesn’t want to get married, or is he pretending to turn away?

Song Yumei believes that while women are supreme in love, they must not lose their minds.

“You need to be clear that you are facing certain men and you need some kind of marriage.

“” Among the affiliates I met, when cynical men didn’t want to get married, some women insisted on letting go for this relationship that lasted for several years.

In fact, at this time, there is no result to continue, the biggest injury is still himself.

“This kind of woman is only in love, but it’s better to keep her last dignity and stubbornness and get away.

  If you are sure that this man is worth waiting for several years, then it doesn’t matter if you get married again in a few years.

“But it must be based on your mutual trust, and don’t ignore the change of time to people.

Song Yumei reminded that sometimes the killer of love is not an affair, but also time.