Toned,Minding in the eyes,“There is also Yao Yu’s monk,I have sent people to catch it.,Just grasp her,We have a big card in our hands.。”

First1552Chapter Encounter
This day,Summer is in the old house。
He is always moving out.,I have already deposited in my palpitations.。
So every day, except for the grandfather to explore the realm of strength.,That is to use a variety of language,Various bypass。
This has become a daily entertainment project.。
The last father can’t stand it.。
After eating breakfast this day,When I was aware that I was watching myself,Not from the corner of the mouth。
The old man is also experiencing a variety of big winds.,I have never seen any scene.。
Can face this little fox in the next few days,He is a headache。
Acknowledge,Positive color,“Gimmick,There are also three days since you come.,Don’t be bored at home,We Changan as the most famous ancient capital in China.,So many places of interest,You go with Xia Xiaozi to turn it.。”
Liu Qingqing has some meaning,Looking forward to the summer。
Summer does not have opinion on this,Where is it?。
“Great。”Liu Qingqing is excited,“We will see our attractions these days.,I am going to make a plan。Let’s go to the Terracotta Warriors.……”
Changan as a thirteen ancient capital,Attractions are really super,I want to play Chang’an within a few days.,That is impossible。
Liu Qingqing lives here for a child.,It’s familiar to Changan.,Tell your own plan。
Time,The old man deliberately shouted in the summer,Lower sound channel,“About your realm and strength,There is a person to answer you……”
After the summer leaves the old house with Liu Qingqing,Take the Terracotta Warriors Museum。
In fact, there is nothing to see.,The interest in this summer is not big.。
But the face has not been exposed,Nor well swept the intestment of Liu Qingqing。
After visiting the Terracotta Warriors,The two people visited the famous monuments such as Huaqing Palace and Big Wild Goose Tower.,In the evening, I came to Huimin Street.。
Huimin Street is in Chang’an, it is famous.,Also known as an antique street。
Huimin Street is not a street,But by the North Hospital Gate,North Guangji Street,Xiyang City,Multiple streets such as the big skin,Is one of the representatives of Changan style。
Although the Huimin Street is treated as a tourist point for foreign tourists,But in fact, local residents have always regarded this as a casual and entertainment.。
There is the most delicious featuring snacks here.,There are also quaint national costumes and exquisite crafts.,Of course, you can’t have a variety of antique shops.。
Summer and Liu Qingqing shuttle in the flow of people,
The mood of the two is quite relaxed.,Time to take food,Squiring a piece of handicrafts at the same time。
The last two people entered a block,Liu Qingqing is introduced in the summer,“Here is mainly flowers and birds and the four treasures such as Huandi.,Dragon’s grandfather is in it。”
No waiting for summer,She explains immediately,“Grandpa is a friend of the grandfather,I often look for my grandfather to drink tea to talk about it.,Right,Grandfather also has a granddaughter called Long Xiaoman,Still my classmate?。”
“Your classmates?”Summer is surprised to pick your eyebrows,“You have learned here?”
“Yes。”Liu Qingqing nodded,“My father is also Changan,And my grandfather。Just later, my family moved abroad.……”