The warmest natural alpine ski resort: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort

“The warmest” natural alpine ski resort: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort

Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Ski Resort is located in Yulong Snow Mountain, only 20 kilometers away from the ancient city of Lijiang, which is rated as 鈥淲orld Cultural Heritage鈥?by the United Nations. It is the 鈥渕ost warm鈥?natural alpine ski resort closest to the Earth’s equator.
As soon as you enter the Lijiang boundary, you can see its silvery flash at first glance.
銆€銆€Recommended index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Reason for the list: The snow field is between 4,500 and 4,700 meters above sea level. It has snow in the four seasons, 1000 meters from east to west, and 600 meters from north to south. It is suitable for all seasons skiing.
The warm climate and the annual snow period of 8 months (November – June) are the highest in China and the world. It is the “most warm” natural alpine ski resort closest to the Earth’s equator.
銆€銆€Best time to travel: The best season to visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Ski Resort is from November to March. At that time, the snowy scenery of the snow-capped mountains is the most beautiful, and the snow is thicker. It is the best time for skiing.
銆€銆€鐜╂硶鎻愮ず锛氳祻闆€佽祻鑷劧椋庡厜銆€銆€鈥滄渶娓╂殩鈥濈殑澶╃劧楂樺北婊戦洩鍦恒€€銆€涔橀洩灞卞ぇ绱㈤亾鐩磋揪闆北涓诲嘲鎵囧瓙闄℃涓嬫柟鐨勪笂閮ㄧ珯锛屽嚭鍙d究瑙佷竴寮€闃旂殑澶╃劧婊戦洩鍦猴紝瀹冧綅浜庢墖瀛愰櫋涓滃潯涓婽he altitude is between 4,500 and 4,700 meters.
The ski resort has four seasons of snow, and the east-west direction is 1000 meters long and the north-south direction is 600 meters wide.
銆€銆€Standing on the ski slopes, you can also jump away from the landscape around the snow-capped mountains. The Ganhaizi, the black and white river, the Yunshanping, and the yak ping, all under the mountain, have a panoramic view.
In the ski resort, you must get involved in the snowy sea. The snow here is pure in quality, crystal clear and no pollution.
Grab the snow entrance, the feeling of refreshing and clean, unparalleled in the world; you can also browse the wonders of modern glacier, which is a natural museum with complete glaciers in China; the color of the glacier is aquamarine, standing on the eastern edge of the ski resortWatching, the upper part of the glacier is covered with white snow, the edges are green, and the middle is blue.
銆€銆€Finally, watching the cloud here is also a kind of singular enjoyment, because the altitude is high, close to the clouds, the snow mountain is rising and the warm current is swirling, causing the cloud to change. The cloud seems to be specially performed for you. It is rapidly deformed and constantly combined for a while.It’s floating, it’s gone for a while, it’s real here.
Yulong Snow Mountain can ski all year round, take the Yulong Snow Mountain enclosed cable car and go straight to the 4,506 meters above sea level ski resort (165 yuan to and from the cable car).
銆€銆€鐜夐緳闆北婊戦洩鍦轰氦閫氥€€銆€鑷┚杞︾殑鏈嬪弸锛岀敱闆北涓矾锛堝洓鍗佺背澶ч亾锛夊埌娑﹂洩骞垮満璐拱鐜夐緳闆北澶х储閬撶エ锛?10鍏?浣?涓嶅惈淇濋櫓璐圭敤)锛屽埌鐜夐緳闆北杩涘北澶勯渶缂寸撼杩汳ountain fee and ancient city maintenance fee of 80 yuan / person into the mountain and 40 yuan / person of the ancient city maintenance fee (total 120 yuan / person), you can reach the snow mountain parking lot in 15 minutes by car.
銆€銆€Free travel friends can take the No. 7 bus fare between 7 and 10 yuan on the new street. The other fees are the same as above.
銆€銆€From Kunming, take a plane or train to Lijiang and transfer to the tourist bus of Yulong Snow Mountain.
銆€銆€Ticket information: Yulong Snow Mountain tickets 80 yuan (including all attractions in the scenic area, such as Ganhaizi, Baishuihe, Yunshanping, etc.); large cableway 160 yuan / round trip.
銆€銆€Tips: You can rent a down jacket on the mountain, or you can rent an oxygen bag, 20 yuan, you must pay a deposit of 100 yuan (however, most visitors do not need to receive oxygen, please determine according to their actual situation).
In the medical room at the top of Yulong Snow Mountain, there is a medicine called Rhodiola, which is specially used to treat altitude sickness, 50 yuan a bottle.