Inside and outside the high-tech anti-aging full secret

Inside and outside the high-tech anti-aging full secret

From a biological perspective, aging is the process by which the life curve reaches its natural changes. From the beginning of the twenties, the skin’s metabolism slows down, and the pace of aging changes. Anti-aging has become the most beautiful thing that every woman cares about.Instead.

Major professional skin care brands also start from their own advantages and strengths, from the use of rare ingredients to cutting-edge technology, and do everything they can to keep the secret of ageing-the intrinsic repair of the A gene is anti-aging and new generations. Scientists have researched to control skin aging.The origin of the state comes from genes. It exists in the nucleus. Natural aging, ultraviolet rays, stress pollution and other factors will cause changes in cell genes.

When the damage is too great, the cells cannot grow healthy, which can lead to various skin problems.

Therefore, gene care products are all activating the activity of gene fragments in the nucleus, or repairing the damaged state of the protein expressed by the gene, so as to restore the beautiful code from the source.

  How can gene care products delay aging?

  The nutrients of general products will play a role in the periphery of cells, and the active substances in gene products can transmit information to penetrate cell membranes, enter the interior of cells, and affect the nucleus.

Therefore, gene maintenance can more accurately reach skin relaxation, stimulate gene activity, and adjust skin to a good state. This is the difference between gene maintenance and other repair products.

  In the autumn and winter of 2009, the anti-ageing cutting-edge technology focused on the genes and put forward the concept of “gene anti-aging”.

Although we collectively call them “gene maintenance”, there are currently differences in the gene maintenance products on the market.

Clock gene repair and aging through “gene repair and synchronization self-discipline technology”, thereby changing the physiological clock of skin cells due to age, UV rays, pressure, damage, smoke, ozone and other environmental invasion factors cause skin aging and enhance DNA repair capabilitiesAchieve more comprehensive and thorough confrontation.


Source maintenance restores youthful genes to determine the youthful state of the skin’s roots, and assumes the mission of skin self-healing.

As the years go by, the activity of genes decreases, the amount of “repair” proteins produced continues to decrease, and the skin’s foundation deteriorates.

Therefore, the genes need to be maintained from the source, so that the gene’s activity can land significantly, and the synthesis of the “repair” protein can be restored to the optimal level.


Stem cells strengthen night-time repair and maintenance Adult stem cells are the key to skin regeneration and repair damage. Especially at night, the regeneration activity of stem cells will reach its peak.

Through stem cell research and precise measurement of the day and night activity of stem cells, it can effectively activate the night-time repair ability of mother cells, optimize the potential of new life, and achieve the purpose of deep and dense repair of wrinkles.

  B How to reshape the skin’s 3D three-dimensional structure to keep the skin firm has always been a topic of discussion in the beauty industry.

Recently discovered that the “tensioned complete structure” in the architectural concept is strongly related to the structure of the skin-the skin is actually a structure, and the tight and strong skin is the result of the tension being perfect, and the key lies in the dermisFibroblasts and “tensin” responsible for fixing the cells.

As the age increases, tensin will gradually decrease, and the skin will become slack and wrinkled.

  How to restore skin firmness?

  Based on this age-associated phenomenon, the most effective way at present is through an active ingredient called elegans PFA.

It can stimulate the production of tensin. Editor’s Choice: Chanel Perfect Repairing Firming Essence 1340 yuan of multiple precision fractionation extraction technology of linoleum PFA can effectively promote the synthesis of tensin and reshape the skin’s firmness from the inside.

  Strengthen the external defense and strengthen the skin’s anti-stress The anti-oxidation-based anti-aging concept is also a popular anti-aging season.

Dermatologists believe that experiencing increasing global environmental pollution and deteriorating environment will further reduce the skin’s defense ability. Therefore, anti-aging new products have changed the previous demands to improve the old state, and even started from the state of the skin itself-focusing on strengthening the skin.Ability, enough power to fight against the skin oxidation caused by the external bad environment, so that the muscle age stops in the present.

  How to solve it: A joint study by Japanese anti-aging expert Kuji Miyamoto and engineering expert Sangshui Liuli pointed out that most women face a sudden decline in their muscle strength at the age of 35.

  Antioxidation is the key to maintaining beautiful skin. The so-called “beauty power” includes self-healing and resistance to skin morphology, which can be damaged by stress, endocrine disorders and smoke pollution.

When damaged to a certain extent, the skin will have fine lines when it is squeezed, and the damage to the deep layer will not restore the smooth state.

Therefore, in terms of products, new ingredients of Toscani olive oil, which have a good anti-oxidant power, are added to help enhance the skin’s own motivation.

  Editor’s Choice: SK-II Revitalizing Multi-Purpose Repair Essence Cream 990 yuan / 80 grams activates the expression of the antioxidant activation gene ARE in keratinocytes and fibroblasts, promotes the production of skin’s own antioxidants, and helps the cells inside and outsideIn the case of stress, it improves skin activity and reproduces the skin’s “beauty power”.

  How old should anti-aging ingredients be?

The trend in recent years is getting earlier.

From the beginning of 40 years old, 35 years old, to 25 years old last year.

This year, it is even older than you can imagine. Anti-aging medical experts said that anti-aging is no longer a patent for middle-aged people. Children as young as 10 years old have to start doing it.

Prevention is better than cure.

  The trend that proves that the new ingredients of beauty micro plastic surgery is also reflected in the ingredients of anti-aging new products. The addition of skin care ingredients comparable to micro plastic surgery makes our beauty easy, simple and zero risk.

For example, SK-II’s Toscani olive oil, Shu Uemura’s Indian gooseberry, Helena’s rare plant seed extracts, etc., all have the main purpose of stimulating skin elastin hyperplasia. They claim that they should start doing prevention work from a young age.

  Editors choice: 1.shu uemura Hideki Uemura Revitalizing and Brightening Nourishing Cream 660 yuan / 50ml is extracted from the energy microcapsules of the rare plant Amalaki (Indian gooseberry) to lighten skin fine lines and maintain elasticity.


SK-II Revitalizing and Firming Double-faced Mask 890 yuan / 6 pieces of 3D three-dimensional design. The upper mask contains glucosamine, which acts on the skin around the corners of eyes and reduces wrinkles.

Adding Oli-Vityl to the lower mask, Pitera (r) activates the ARE, the antioxidant activation gene in cells, and promotes the skin to produce more of its own antioxidants, making the face contours firmer.


Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Orange Pure Condensate 1888 Yuan / 50ml Idebenone Idebenone in the core part, repairs and protects the skin’s antioxidant factors against oxidative damage from the environment.


HR Helena’s Ultimate Beauty Repair Serum 2280 yuan / 40ml