The red-haired female driver did not ask for a tip,Don’t want to be his job,But because the female driver is different,Thus changing his security career。

A few days later,He was transferred to by the security company“Wanfuyuan”High-end residential area,A level of treatment,And at this time he still doesn’t know why,I just think I work hard,Appreciated and promoted by the upper management of the security company,Work harder in the next six months。
Then there is the second transfer,Transfer from high-end residential area to villa area,The treatment is raised again。
Worked diligently in the villa area for half a year,Invited by the department manager of the security company,Ask him if he wants to be a private bodyguard,And bluntly said that if you are a private bodyguard, you will not belong to the security company,But the salary is doubled compared to the security company,The employer will also give him five social insurance and one housing fund protection。
The conditions are quite favorable,Wang Gang agreed with almost no hesitation。
then,He saw the red-haired woman,I know that my job transfer this year is related to this beautiful red-haired woman,At the same time, I also know that my employer is Qin Hanwen, the boss of Qinwangfu Hotel。
Whether in Wanfuyuan high-end residential area,Still in the villa area,In fact, Qin Hanwen is investigating him,And the beautiful red-haired woman is Qin Hanwen’s girlfriend Mo Ru,At the same time Moru also has an identity,That is the daughter of Mo Xiangyuan, the CEO of Wanfu Real Estate, a leading real estate company in Ganning City。
that’s it,He became Qin Hanwen bodyguard and driver,And get the trust of Qin Hanwen。I followed Qin Hanwen and bought a car and house in Ganning in just two years,This year,Qin Hanwen promoted him to security manager,Give him the management of the entire Qinwangfu Hotel security work。
For Wang Gang,Mo Ru is the Bole in his life,Qin Hanwen is the noble man in his life,He treats Moru as his own sister,Working hard for Qin and Han Wen。
More than a month ago,Ganning rises to eat mutant fish,And the place where mutant fish appear the most is Dongming Lake,He took a few people to Dongming Lake to poach mutant fish,Not to mention,In the first one or two weeks, he really caught a few mutant tilapias,Qinwangfu Hotel’s business is full。
But there are unexpected events,When he took people to Dongming Lake to poach mutant fish again,Weird thing happened。Inexplicable,Big waves in the lake,Big waves are big waves,Not to overturn the yacht,But who thought,After a bang,A big hole suddenly appeared in the bottom of the ship,The lake floods fiercely。
Seeing the ship is sinking,He thought he was going to explain here this time,But there is a yacht of Dawn Medicine passing by,Saved his life。
Something like this happened,Qin Hanwen doesn’t even have heavy words,I just told him that his competitor, Mochigokaku, has variant tilapia for sale。