What are the precursors of women’s justice?

What are the precursors of women’s justice?

Guide: What are the precursors of female heart disease?

The elderly have stepped into the final stage of life, and the health indicators of the body are slowly declining at the same time. Therefore, it is a top priority for the elderly to maintain their health care. In order to let the elderly live in their old age, a healthy body must not beIndispensable.

銆€銆€After women’s menopause, the risk of developing heart disease is greatly increased due to the decline in estrogen protection.

So what are the precursors of women’s heart disease?

Experts pointed out that women should be particularly recognized if they have the following symptoms: 1.

Sustained inexplicable fatigue This fatigue often occurs after an emergency, and even the strength of straightening is not.

Fatigue, not a part of the limb, but systemic.


Shortness of breath Some hypertensive patients, in addition to common symptoms, then have shortness of breath and breathlessness. This type of breathing is often referred to as “gas is not enough.”

After a few minutes of sitting still, breathing seems to return to normal.

But when the patient moves back, it will breathe.

This kind of wheezing is often overlooked, especially in the elderly with lung disease, which is more easily overlooked.


Indigestion, upper abdomen pain or nausea is different from general stomach disease. Stomach pain caused by onset rarely causes cramps and cramps, tenderness is not common, but there is a feeling of nausea, fullness, sometimes accompanied by turbid pain.And nausea and vomiting.


Chin or scorpion pain pain in the mandibular fracture, sometimes spreading to the sputum or both sides.


Arm pain (especially the left arm) is most common in the left and left shoulders, and in the severe case, in the right arm.

Although the pain is not too serious, it is difficult to raise your hand.

銆€銆€Knowing what is the precursor to a woman’s heart disease, the pain is usually short-term pain, not severe pain, and does not spread to the wrists and fingers, usually only in the forearm.