In the past few years, Fan City’s rising myth is created.。

There is also a big change in character.,Have a arrogant,Grow up between the first day,Become calm,Get off the arrogance,Qi,Confirgin to your dream,Accept a variety of challenges,Unyielding spirit,I finally got successful。
Fan City’s headlines often have his entrepreneur forum。
These are all changed because the blue blue appearance。
So he jealous。
A man has changed such a big change for a woman.,Eye people can see,I hope myself a woman in my heart.。
Le Xi’s efforts,What is a man who can rely on the blue blue。
He knows these。
All the way,Lu Haocheng has come to the door of Le Zhenxi.。
He pressed the doorbell ,What is the face of the door?。
Wen Qi saw Lu Haozheng,Some surprised。
“Continental,How did you come?”She thought it would be Blue Xin,I didn’t expect people to be Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Hao is light as a water,Indifferent tone:“Let me see Le Zhenxi。”
Wen Qi witnessed,Let Lu Hao become in。
Lu Hao Cheng,Single an eye apartment,Very luxurious,Deluxe than he imagined。
Don’t say Wen Qi,Lu Haocheng can also find the room of Le Yuxi。
He went in,Looking at Le Zhenxi, sitting on the door,It’s very angry that I look at the back.。
Have a tipped porridge on the ground,And fragmentary porcelain。
“I let you roll,Didn’t you hear it??”Le Zhenxi’s voice is like a thunder floor。
Lu Haozheng,Looking at his stiff back,Faint sound:“it’s me。”
Le Yi Xiyi,I heard Lu Hao’s voice,He turned,I thought I could see the people I want to see.,But there is only Lu Hao Cheng,He instantly eyebrows,Unspeak:“What are you doing??”
Lu Haocheng sat on the chair,Look at him still the face of the face,He seems to be fever。
“Come see you。”Lu Hao is unhappy,Elegant laminated legs。
Le Zhenxi:“I am not familiar with you.,Do not have this necessary。”
His tone is very rushing,I also listened to him very annoying。
Lu Hao Cheng also knows why he is like this ,When he just turned back,The look forward to the loss of the eyes,He looks clear。
“Blue disease,I will take a look at you.。”
Le Zhenxi quickly looked at him,The bottom is a thick anger,“Why don’t you take care of her? ,Blue is ill,Are you still good to run, tell me??”
Le Wei Xi is very bad,He was also ill this past few days.,He used to be sick,Blue blue will not take care of him.,Take a medicine to sleep。
She has a warm voice always let him forget it.,I can sleep soon.。
Awakening,Sickle,He is actually as fast as it is good.。
After his illness,I always have to take her out to eat, I am grateful to her care.,In fact, there is a chance to be with her.。
She is too busy.,He always can’t see her.。
Le Zhenxi suddenly saw the porridge that was knocked by him on the ground.,This is the porridge of Wen Qi,he does not like,Wen Qi craft is not good,The porridge is not delicious.。
Playing with mobile phones,I don’t have a good thing.。
He stopped all kinds of missions,His life is impossible between this life.。
He has already woken up.。
Lu Hao has a flashing guilt on his face.,He did not take care of blue blue。
“Blue blurate,She doesn’t know,I know that you are sick today.,She is worried about one day。”Lu Haicheng explained。
They have not told the blue blue this matter,I want her to relax more.。