Five fatal weaknesses that make men short-lived

Five fatal weaknesses that make men short-lived

There are several obvious weaknesses in the ratio of strong men to slim women.

Therefore, men, please don’t brag about being strong and doing whatever you want.

  The first weakness: “Heart” According to clinical statistics, men suffer from myocardial infarction and are admitted to the hospital for 7-10 times as many women.

The disease is mainly caused by excessive misfortune and heavy smoking, which leads to drinking, work, stress, and anxiety.

  Second weakness: “liver” In patients with chronic hepatitis, men are four times more likely than women.

The first is drinking.

The liver can only break down at most every day, converting 60-80 alcohol, exceeding this amount will harm the liver.

In addition, high fecal food is also very detrimental to the liver.

  The third weakness: “rectal” rectal cancer is significantly more men than women.

Men generally eat more snacks and protein than women. Medical studies have shown that eating too much aunt and protein while containing enough fiber is an important cause of rectal cancer.

  Fourth weakness: “Stomach” Men like to drink, smoke, and drink coffee, men gobble at the table, men often overeating, however, when men feel lyrical, protests in their stomachs come in;Vomiting, vomiting blood, osmic acid . Medical research has found that the incidence of stomach disorders in men is on average 6 higher than that in women.

2 times.

  Fifth weakness: “Prostate” According to related research, after the age of 50, about 60% of men have prostate disease.

The reason is that changes in androgen steroid secretion cause enlargement of glands around the urethra.

The enhanced prostate is compressed into a single body, and the slender compression of the bladder causes dysuria.