He Min put down the menu,I don’t know what Zhou Xingxing is wrong.。

Zhou Xingxing:(Д`?)σ
“he bullies me,Ababa……”
He Min is unclear,I don’t understand what Zhou Xing is saying.,I took a document to fly.,Surprise:“Ager,sure,It’s going to be a boss right away.。”
“Eight characters have not yet,It’s too early to say it now.,Compared to A Xing,I am just handsome.、Talking is good、More friends、Will make money……Bar.……other aspects,A star is still okay?!”Liao Wenjie,Take a slap in the case of a few knives。
“The basics don’t have anything left.。”He Min spit。
Affirmation from He Min,For Zhou Xingxing,More than the knife is still,哼 哼。
Men have tears,Just because no one sees。
“Amin,Multiple dishes,Someone will appetite tonight.,I have to die, I have to eat poor.。”
“Then I am welcome.。”
Liao Wenjie:“correct,And tell you something,Last A Star told me,He borrowed you nine thousand five hundred pieces。”
“no,He took 10,000。”
He Min shrug,Casual road:“A Xing said that you have inside information.,All gambling magic is not wrong,I gave him.。”
“In fact, I am lie to him.,The real insider message is the gambling god continues to be unbeaten.,The demon is destined to death。”
“No bar,Ajie, why do you lie to him??”He Min’s mouth,Surprise。
“When this bastard is asked me,I know that he is not well,Specially give a fake message,Let him spend money to buy some lessons。”
Liao Wenjie:“I tell you in advance.,Waiting for the leggings on the Axing to pay,You are making it very angry.,It’s so, let him know that the gambling family breaks his wife.,Next time, he dares not duel.。”
“do not worry,This 10,000 pieces are counting my http://www.will-power.cn pit.,Back to you,Mainly to buy a lesson of Axing,Don’t affect your feelings between you。”
Liao Wenjie finished,Make up a sentence:“remember,Don’t tell A Xing,Otherwise, his sex,Didn’t pay money, definitely commit next time。”
He Min is speechless,Just want to say a sentence,10,000 blocks do not matter,If you pay it, you will lose it.,The key is that insider news is put out by Zhou Xingxing.,If you can’t get it, you can’t get it.。
no,She has to think about earning some soup water fee,Solve Zhou Xingxing is broken by people,Even the medical expenses can’t。
“Ager,I have been going to resign the teacher’s work recently.,Interesting to help my mother to make a flower shop。”
“Disrespect,What is the boss?。”
“Don’t take me.,Small business and you can’t。”
He Min direct opening:“Waiting for your company http://www.lyeas.cn to open,Flower and grass leaves me,Give you the best price。”
“Say,You must take care of yourself.。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,What what I thought,Follow:“I am going to work now.,The size is also a little power,Looking back to help you,The green plant of the company is replaced by your home。”
“That’s great,I will give you a red envelope.。”
“do not worry,This red envelope I settle……”
Type half,Liao Wenjie suddenly stupid,He Min、Tang Judi、flower shop、Flower socks……EmotionalcpIs he helped group together。
“what happened,Ager,N’t it?”
“no,Red envelope I settled,Waiting for my good news.。”
Liao Wenjie smiled slightly,No problem,Lily is unlimited,Because you can’t get,Even if there is a problem,Not his problem。