And it’s the biggest beehive stadium in Beijing,Still open for three days,The day after tomorrow is the first。

For a woman who holds a lot of grudges,Thinking of Wang Yufei being besieged by Qian Mingming’s fans a few days ago because of his passive reputation,I saw this star unexpectedly come to the capital,And held a concert in a gym not too far from Huaqing,How can the mood remain happy?
Watch news on mobile,The stage of the concert is half set up,It is expected to be successful today?
Lu Yuxin glanced sideways in the direction of the Hive Stadium,But I happened to see his own Tiehanhan riding a bicycle。
Then the girl smiled,Stand up,Coolly patted the grass scraps on the pants,Slowly walked to the side of two strange female classmates。
Time is just right,The bicycle happened to be parked on the road by the lawn less than two meters away。
“Classmate,Did you buy tickets for Qian Mingming’s concert the day after tomorrow??”
“Ok?You are also a fan of Qian Mingming?”
“Do not,I just want to tell you,Hurry up and return the ticket or resell it,The concert is going to be cancelled?”
Lu Yuxin smiled,Then in the inexplicable eyes of the two girls,Walk to Wang Yufei,Said:“Let’s go to Taoli Garden today?”
Wang Yufei patted the back seat,Answered:“OK,Get in the car!”
Then in the surprised eyes of the two girls,Bicycles carrying young couples,Go further and further。