This is lost,Gao Rui still didn’t understand what happened.,Before the front,I collapsed directly.!

That is really completely thorough。
actually,This is not weird,Because they are amouited。
night,When point the moment,They have been completely exposed to the enemy’s vision。And there is no penalty army,It is equivalent to“Invisible”of。
Have a heart-effective,Plus Gao Rui is going to be a river,The abandoned case is blocked.,So put all the attention,All in the south bank of the Shuihe River。
they think,Even if you do something,The enemy will also appear in the south bank of the Shuihe River,Not like the same now。
Because I have this thinking blind spot,Only caused the back of the soldiers like a mountain。
Unfortunately,Gao Rui is now who even the enemy will be no one.,perhaps……I will not have a chance.。
“Convinced!Oh no,There is a big army behind us.,I am approaching us,Please supervise a little better。”
A scout rushed from the north,Gao Rui said,I am full of worries in my eyes.,There is still remorse。
“Gao Biyi didn’t go to the Yellow River??Why do he appear here??”
Gao Rui is dissatisfied with this scout。
to be honest,Even what he doesn’t know,Counting a line of scout to yourself answer,It is really a bit lifted.。
“that,I don’t know if I don’t know.!”
This scout is helpless。
He, why don’t you know that Gao Rui is looking for it?,only,Who let my own position,Can’t resist?
Life has been so tough,Herd eggs are hard to ugly?
this moment,I am full of resentment in my heart.。
“Stop,Follow me,So escaped,Not a way。”
Gao Rui’s face is also full of helplessness。
he knows,I have lost it.。Because this time,Originally,Look at the old man, there is any side of yourself。
However, he knows now.,Gao Biyi is the darling of God,Specialized to disgusting yourself!
At this moment, Gao Rui is the only wish,Just hope that you can die.,Die on the battlefield。Men’s Ma Lenda,This is the romantic of the heroic spirit.!
Because of many people,Gao Rui,The remaining soldiers form a small curved arcuate,Ready to meet enemy。
Gao Rui rides the horse in the front side of the big array,He is going to see,Shameless“Sneak attack”my own,Where is the way?。
Warehouse escape,The drums carried in the army are already lost,Unable to lift。Gao Rui also somewhat broken tank breakdown,He understands very,From the Great Wall to,The rough will definitely send people to take over their own zones。
Whether it is public,The other party will do this。
So, even when he fled back to Youzhou.,The roll will also immediately turn his face.!at least,Unknown zone,According to military law is death。Dendoblue is completely after,Cut your own head,Then send it to Gao Bo Yi!
Apricot,This is really likely。
Gao Rui doesn’t want to die sole。
Collecting troops getting closer,Getting closer,Can see the fire of ignition。only,The sky is already bright.,Gao Rui is clear,Opposite army,The scale is really not small!
should say,More than yourself“That person”,Too much size,This is only afraid that you can’t get it.!
Gao Rui heart,By the way, the high end is half-dead.。
Not afraid of God’s opponent,I am afraid of the same teammates like pigs.,On this matter,Gao Yu is fully served as a“Pig friend”character of。