He thinks as long as you want to play the reason why skin and skin care,I want any girls to refuse.!

After all, how many girls have been,Shengshi Beauty is everything.,Is there http://www.sushidelivery.cn anything more important than your own beauty??
Zhou Ye I didn’t know how many female students who have seen it from Xiaoya.,That can be started from junior high school.。
The face is the most important weapon of women.!
Woman’s weapon,Man’s fatal point,Think here,Zhou Ye had to think about the pit falling into the beauty of this one.。
Especially the licensed deer encountered later……Simple“Good-looking woman is very bad”The representative。
By the hand of Shu Deer,God is really ruthless, a Wilder!
He Nuo changed a posture,Still leisurely lying on the sofa,Her skirt can’t cover her long legs。
Two slender white legs are close to the armrest of the sofa slightly shaking.。
“Small brother,It is Zhenmen forbidden,I can’t go,Auntie said that this building was confused after 8:30.。”He noble,Her http://www.what001.cn eyes stopped on Yanye my face for a long time,Until Wanto I noticed,Pretend to continue playing with mobile phones。
Zhou Ye listens to the aunt in Henuo,Forced for a while。
what’s the situation?
He Noviet,Is it a turnover?……
Think of the accommodation aunt,Zhou Ye suddenly looked curiously:“Arno,You seem to haven’t told me yet.,How did you enter my room?,I remember that I was locked when I went out.。”
When he went out, he repeatedly confirmed several times.,The door of the dormitory must be related to good。
But that He is in the room?
Zhou Ye thinks that there is only one possibility,It is the door of the booth.。
There is a dormitory in the dormitory in the seating area of this layer.,Responsible for everyone’s daily diet and emergency life。
Can be accommodated aunt,He Nuo is a person who is a person.?
Zhou Ye watched the beautiful girl in front of him。
He has heard how to enter the room at this time.,She didn’t dare to look at Zhou Ye.,The whole person is very shy。
Have a long time,She touched her own nose.,Low head:“I say……I am your fiancee.,Aunt will help me open the door.。”
Zhou Ye 若 木 地,He doesn’t move。
This time I changed him to be silent.,After a long time, he will slowly.:“fiancée?”
He Note nodded:“Isn’t it a way at the time??Leg stands,Then the aunt ask me to find you.,I came up with this right.!”
“Weight……This is a pit.。”Zhou Ye is a bit stiff,The key is that this booth is aunt.,What do people say what people say?。
What is good to see what is said?,Do you believe it??
Zhou Ye went deeply,Suddenly shamed on my face,At the same time, there is also him.。
“I just said that I came in to help you organize the room.,Then I came in.。”
http://www.jogjog.cn He has described the scene when you encounter the accomplished aunt.,Small blush。
Zhou Ye I replaced this topic of this death,It’s too embarrassing.,He is chaos:“Arno,Is the hospital access control??”
This problem is the most concerned question today.。
Originally, I was a joke,It seems that it seems to be true.。
Isn’t that I have to stay this night at night??
woc,This is to pass out,Zhou Ye feels that he is not guaranteed from his later.,And it is likely to become a history of wind flow rhyme that Linping Hospital is widely circulated.。
The personal life of the doctors is the gossip after the medical staff usually eat.。