Women with endocrine disorders, eat this ten treasure, nourish the ovary anti-aging, the more delicious the more delicious


Women with endocrine disorders, eat this ten “treasure”, nourish the ovary anti-aging, the more delicious the more delicious

Endocrine disorders are a headache for women. Endocrine disorders are huge leaks in terms of physical health and skin condition, so women can eat some food for diet!

The following ten foods can be eaten to quantify the regulation of endocrine disorders.

Women with endocrine disorders, eat this ten “treasure”, nourish the ovary anti-aging, the more delicious the more delicious.


Cantaloupe is rich in antioxidants, and this antioxidant enhances the ability of cells to resist sunlight and has a great effect on reducing the formation of melanin in the skin!

In addition, cantaloupe also contains vitamin C and B vitamins, eat half a day to maintain the body’s normal metabolism needs!



Sweet almonds have a variety of nutritional values, including nutrient-rich protein, trace amounts and important carbohydrates, as well as replacement fibers that improve gastrointestinal motility, carotenoids that are good for the eyes, vitamin C with whitening effects, andHuman metabolism plays an important role in the trace elements of calcium, enzymes, iron and other elements.



Pea is different from ordinary vegetables. It contains substances such as gibberellin and phytohemagglutinin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, enhances metabolism, and medium-thick fiber in peas is a good tool for cleansing the stomach!



Cucumber has a cholesterol content of 96% to 98%. Its nutrients include colloid, fruit acid and bioactive enzymes, which have a good repair effect on sunburn, freckles and skin allergies.

Because cucumbers help to inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into tiny ones, it is of great benefit to eating cucumbers to lose weight and prevent coronary heart disease.



Pineapple is beneficial to patients with nephritis and hypertension, and also has an auxiliary effect on bronchitis. Due to the action of cellulose, it also has a certain effect on constipation treatment. Of course, eating pineapple can appetite, relieve greasy, can help promote digestion and improve indigestion.The role of the constipation can be relieved. In addition, pineapple vitamin B1 can promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue.


Winter melon.

Winter melon has a good heat-clearing effect, has the effect of quenching thirst, cooling diuretic, because of its diuretic, and contains very little sodium, so it is chronic nephritis edema, malnutrition edema, pregnant women edema, is a good swelling, it is richMultivitamins and trace elements necessary for the body can regulate the body’s metabolic balance.



The cobalt content of pumpkin ranks first among the categories of vegetables. Cobalt can activate the metabolism of the human body, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of biotin B12 in human body. It is an essential trace element for human islet cells.

The vitamin C contained in the pumpkin can prevent nitrate from being converted into carcinogenic nitrite in the digestive tract. Pumpkin can reduce the harm of toxins in the feces, eliminate the carcinogenic nitrosamines, and have anti-cancer effects.

And the pumpkin pedicle has the effect of curing the baby, curing the toothache.



Beetroot contains iodine, which can prevent goiter and atherosclerosis. The roots and leaves of beetroot contain betaine which is not found in other vegetables. It has biochemical pharmacological functions of choline lecithin, which is effective for regulating metabolism and accelerates the body.Absorption of protein improves liver function.

Beet root also contains a saponin-doped substance, which combines the plasma in the intermediate into non-absorbable substances and substances.



Oat protein protein, calcium riboflavin, thiamine and other ingredients, is the only grain that ranks among the top ten antioxidant foods. The daily supplement of oatmeal can accelerate the body’s metabolism, accelerate the synthesis of amino acids, and promote cell renewal.Therefore, insist on drinking a bowl of oatmeal every day to make you radiant!



Papaya is the most familiar food for female friends, because it has the effect of breast enhancement, and the effect of papaya is very good. Papaya is rich in unique papaya enzyme, which can decompose and metabolize protein sugar, promote metabolism and reduce body weight.Excessive sputum, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss!

Regulating endocrine, female friends should maintain a happy mood, relax and sleep, sleep well at night, effectively prevent and regulate endocrine.
Live confidence and beauty!