Can diarrhea also suggest getting angry?

Can diarrhea also suggest getting angry?

Cold stomachs are prone to diarrhea, and getting angry can cause constipation. This is a causal association that makes people feel very reasonable.

But in fact, diarrhea is also related to getting angry, and even sounds strange.

  In the theory of Chinese medicine, chronic diarrhea is mostly caused by spleen deficiency. The most common manifestation is that the stool is more than once a day, and the stool is thin and not formed. In severe cases, it is necessary to drill the toilet just after eating.
  However, the human body is a harmonious combination of yin and yang, and the function of one organ is reduced, and the human body is supplemented with the function of another organ.

For example, when the stomach is cold, if the spleen is incapable of exercising warmth, the body will mobilize the yang of the liver.

  The weaker the spleen, the more liver yang is mobilized. Slowly, the liver becomes stronger and the spleen becomes weaker and weaker.

As a result, some people appeared with irritability (represented by a red circle around the tongue, bitter mouth, irritable temper, or prone to oral ulcers, or insomnia and dreams), and diarrhea.